6 Pack Tree Felling Wedges, Chainsaw Wedges, 5.5"+8" Tree Cutting Equipment, ... 91518180

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9.84x3.9x3.11 Inches



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Precisely control the falling direction of logging. Usually used for catchy, it is indispensable to control the direction of tree fall. 3 pack 5.5" and 3 pack 8"
🪓【DURABLE BUT LIGHTWEIGHT】🪓This tree wedge is made of high-quality PA6 +30%GF material, which is durable and highly stable that can definitely stand up to the hammer blows meanwhile it is lightweight that you could carry various size chainsaw wedges to meet the different cutting needs.
⚙️【BASIC TREE CUTTING EQUIPMENT】⚙️ Our tree wedge have raised barbs over the standard smooth to prevent the felling wedge from spitting out. Use the log splitting wedges on the tree and keep the cut open as you fell a tree so that your saw blade never gets pinched.
⛑【PROTECT YOU FROM TREE 】⛑ It is a Chainsaw Safety Equipment unquestionably. Can use it for falling large trees that you could control the direction that the tree fall, to protect you from trees that roll back suddenly while cutting.
🥳【SAVE YOUR WORK TIME EFFECTIVELY】🥳 Put logging wedge in the tree that you can speed up your cuts. Besides, using flame orange design the, even when covered in shavings and weeds, lead to easy visual spotting after the felling, or after you drop one. Just carry one in your back pocket to save your job time.
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