Anti Slip Traction Treads 6 X 28 Non Skid Tape Adhesive for Stairs Step, 10 Pack 88017548

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6" X 28" X 10P
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6.5 x 4.8 x 4.76 inches
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  • MADE FROM PET MATERIAL: Our General Anti-Slip Tapes are made from PET material, which is not only more environmentally safe than PVC but also offers superior durability and tensile strength. The higher tensile strength of PET allows our anti-slip tape to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh environments, ensuring long-lasting performance. With its easy removal feature that leaves no residue or surface damage, LifeGrip General Anti-Slip Tapes are versatile and convenient for any application.
  • IDEAL FOR EXTREME WEATHER – The PET base layer also withstands extreme temperatures (-20ºc to 60ºc / -4 F to 140 F). No cracking, peeling, disintegrating using in extreme hot or cold weather, perfect for INDOOR and OUTDOOR all year around.
  • HIGH TRACTION TO PREVENT SLIPS - HYPO-ALLERGENIC 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide traction pad boosts foot traction with a subtle texture, giving you utmost protection without sacrificing comfort. Provides extra foot traction for protection to your child, family, elderly, and pets on slippery surfaces. Prevents slipping especially for elderly people.
  • SAFE ON ALL SMOOTH SURFACES - Our anti-slip tape has a thick and aggressive Acrylic adhesive that will form a strong, water-proof bond to Smooth Surfaces, Including concrete, metal, plastic, wood, tile, stone, laminate. This tape is weather and water proof, making it ideal for ensuring safety on steps, ladders, ramps, trailers, decks and other safety equipment.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE WITHOUT RESIDUE - Just peel and stick. Pre-cut for easy installation. Does not leave any residue nor will it damage delicate surfaces should you want to relocate or remove it.

Product Description
WHY LifeGrip Safety Safety is our priority!

LifeGrip Safety has focused on anti-slip safety tape manufacture and development for more than 10 years. Our goal is to provide not only higher quality and safer products but also comfortable to use and suitable for our environment. We never stop working on introducing safer and better materials and new technology to improve quality and usability. We also think of the extra possibility to add to our product to provide better protection for our customers' safety.

DO YOU KNOW - Slip and falls accidents can cause other complications including:
  • Death
  • Incapacitation
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Long-term medical complications
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
LifeGrip General Anti-Slip Tapes are made of PET material as base film. PET has the following beneficial features compared with PVC:

PET is more environmentally safe than PVC as it is easily recyclable and less harmful to the environment.

Durable for heavy foot traffic areas

PET has higher tensile strength and is more durable than PVC, making it a better choice for anti-slip tape that needs to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh environments.

Strong in different weather conditions

PET material provides a strong barrier against water vapor, dilute acids, gases, oils, and alcohols, making it exceptionally durable and strong in different environments and weather conditions.

Easy to remove

Using PET material in anti-slip tape makes it easier to remove without leaving residue or damaging the surface, adding to its versatility and convenience.

Strong adhesive

PET material provides stronger bonding to the adhesive, allowing the anti-slip tape to stick more securely to the applied surface.


PET material is a smarter choice for those who are conscious of their environmental impact, as it is a more sustainable option than PVC.

Inspired by our customers of how to use these anti-slip tapes:
"Works great on smooth surfaces."
"Too easy"
"Excellent product"
"Easy to see!"

Clean surface with wet cloth thoroughly. Allow the surface to dry completely. Ensure the surface is completely free from dust and grease.


Cut the tape to the desired length and round the corners with scissors.(To ensure the anti slip tape has the best bonding to the surface, do not apply the anti-slip tape cross the gaps between tiles.)

* Pre-cut anti-slip treads can skip this step.


Lay the anti-slip strip to the desire location. Lift one end of the strip and peel back the first 2 inches of the backing. Press the tape down as you go. Continue until you have applied the entire strip to the surface. (For stairs, position the tape 1/2 inch from the edge of the stair.)


Roll over the tape with the application roller. Begin in the center of the strip and roll to one end, then return to the center and roll to the other end.

Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor & Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
PVC Free
Comfortable for Bare Foot Shoe-traffic Areas Shoe-traffic Areas
Easy to Clean
Ideal Usage Area Stair, Step, Ramp, Ladder, Ramp, Trailers, Decks, Warehouse, Safety Equipment Stair, Pool, Boat, Deck Stair, Boat, Deck, Playground, Toy Diamond Metal Plate, Textured surfaces, Warehouse, Ramp
Transparency Not Available Available Not Available Not Available
Tape/Tread Tapes and Treads Tapes and Treads Tapes and Treads Tapes
Colours Black, Yellow Clear, Black, Grey Black, Grey Black, Yellow
Reflective Stripe Not Available Not Available
Glow-In-Dark Strip Not Available Not Available