Eden Products Carpet Staircase Treads Brown 30''X 8'' 15 Pieces Adhesive Mocha 84089566

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15 Pack - Brown
30"L x 8"W, 8 x 30 Inches
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Machine Wash

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  • SAFETY FIRST - Eliminate slipping & falling for good, our indoor nonslip carpet treads protect your pets, kids, elders & all loved ones from unwanted falls. Our tread strips are designed with “anti-moving” backing to keep the carpet in place. No more 'moving around' & 'needing to realign' the treads over & over again. The slip-resistant backing of staircase step treads is gentle & effective it allows for easy removal (then put back) without worrying about leaving residue on your wooden stairs.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Our stair tread mats are made out of soft yet durable wool blends, known for its high-quality. The whole family will enjoy the soft texture on bare feet while the unique fiber structure is strong and hard-wearing to provide natural protection that is resistant to staining and soiling.
  • PERFECT FIT - Pre cut to fit your stairs, 8 inches wide x 30 inches long. Crafted with an all-around, corner to corner safety and comfort for your family's satisfaction. Check out our clear outdoor stair treads non-slip version for your outdoor stairs! Make your indoors and outdoor steps safer with our peel and stick non slip stair treads.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The wool blend can handle daily use whether it’s dog's hair, kids spilling food and drinks or just dust on your carpet stair runners. Our stairs pads are stain-resistant and can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or in a washing machine. NOTE: “Anti-moving surface” is NOT glue nor permanent adhesive such as double-sided tape, to ensure your wood stairs are safe yet remain undamaged when removing them. When touching the adhesive with hands, you will NOT feel the adhesive.
  • EDENPRODUCTS BENEFITS - EdenProducts is a family business devoted to high quality and innovative products. Our top priorities as a business are product quality and customer satisfaction. We will do what it takes to meet these priorities and to meet our customers' expectations. Contact our support specialists if you have any questions or concerns.

Product Description

Young children, elders, and dogs can often slip on uncarpeted stairs. Non-slip carpet stair treads reduce the risk of falls and injury. Our natural and soft wool blend can prevent slips and help cushion any falls. They also come with the added benefit of updating your stairs’ surface with texture and style.

Soft and Durable Blends

Made with premium materials to ensure full comfort and safety. Our stair treads feature a durable unique fiber structure that feels gentle on feet while offering the highest protection on the market.

Holds In Place

Designed with anti-moving backing that keeps the tread in place. Easy to install and remove, without glue or adhesive residue.

Easy To Maintain

Resistant to staining and soiling. Easy to maintain using a vacuum cleaner or in the washing machine on a gentle setting.

Repairing or replacing your stairs is an expensive project. Don't leave them open to heavy traffic and protect your newly polished oak or maple hardwood. Our carpet treads can prevent scratches and stains that might cause unsightly damage to your floor.

You and your loved ones should be able to move around in your home freely without risking an injury. Ensure your stairs' surface is smooth and clean, then remove the clear backing and apply the treads to your stairs by pressing and smoothening. The soft texture is suitable for bare feet.