SPTA 5Pcs 5/6/7 Inch Polish Pads Buffing Sponge Polishing Pads For Car Polisher 84629586

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Polishing/Buffing Pad

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SPTA - Professional Team on Amazon, which deals only with development of the tools. We commit ourselves to using qualitative tools to improve the quality of life.

SPTA 5Pcs 5.5" Face for 5" Backing Plate Compound Buffing Sponge Pads Dual Action Polishing Pad Kit Buffing Pad For Car Polisher Do Compounding, Polishing and Waxing -SQPPS5MIX

Functions for Different Colors
  • Green T120 heavy cut
  • Yellow T80 medium cut
  • Orange T60 light cut
  • Blue T40 Polish
  • Red T20 finish Polish
Size Information

Front: 5.5 inch/138mm

Back: 5 inch/125mm

Foams' thickness: 30mm

A specicial design to protect surface from being scratched while polishing, to reduce the abrasion for both pad itself, plate and surface.

125mm Back Pad

Made of polyester magic cloth material,adhesive backing can be pasted many times with high paste performance.

Fit for 5inch/125mm backing plate. Light weight and with abrasive stick backing, you can easily change the sponge.

X Shaped Incision

Made of durable open cell foam and with clear grid stripe, can lock and remain polishing compound (prevent falling off in high speed).

High Quality Material

High-quality imported foam production. Excellent resilience,will not be deformed by pressing and using. Can be reused after cleaning and properly stored

Used with Multiple Machines

Can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine. Such as sander, drill, RO polisher, DA polisher and so on.

Cleaning of Sponge Pads

1.Add detergent to the warm water to wet the polishing disc. 2.Squeeze out the stain by repeated squeezing. 3.Rinse with fresh water. 4.Repeatedly squeezing to remove most of the water. 5.Dry the remaining water with the polishing machine. 6.The pad needs to dry completely

Polishing Comparison

Used for Auto car detail polishing, bring good result for the gloss of car paint surface.

Widely Usage

Can be used for car, marble, wood, metal, ceramic tile, yacht or boat and etc.

Used for all kinds of coat paints waxing, polishing ,and sealing glaze.